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Who Are These Women?

February 08, 2012








Front row: Sue Hickey, Beth Weckmueller, Martha Love, Juli Kaufmann, Robin Reese, Mary Jo Layden; back row: Eloiza Altoro, Sandy Cunningham, Eva Chess, Anne Tidmore, Jackie Boynton, La Toya Sykes, Michelle Sieg, Nancy Peterson.
Not pictured: Trish Hansen, Missy Levit, Renee Messing, Kim Metcalf-Kupres, and Jennifer Schilling

You see them everywhere — dynamic, dedicated, smart women. This group includes long-time community volunteers; entrepreneurs extraordinaire; partners and directors at some of our city’s most prestigious law and accounting firms; vice presidents of major investment companies, financial institutions, health care facilities, university systems and community oriented organizations; and even a president of a financial institution. They wear many hats and gladly change them as needed.

So who are these women? I am proud to say, they are the Women’s Fund Board of Directors. These accomplished women give their time, talent, and treasure to change the world around them. They are not afraid of challenging the status quo especially around issues that affect women and girls. They believe that destiny can be changed through strategic social change programs that are funded by our organization. They rock!

I am thrilled to be taking the helm of the Women’s Fund and look forward to working with this caliber of board leadership. Our organization is strong and in capable hands. Please know that with your support we will continue to make this a just and fair world for women and girls.

~ Margaret Henningsen