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April 30, 2012

More than the sum of our parts

Photo of Beth Weckmueller, Executive Director of Enrollment Services at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee & Women’s Fund Board member, at the Great Wall of China.

February 22, 2011

I’m always learning something new

Last week at a meeting of the Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault I learned that sometimes women who are being abused are afraid to call the police because landlords will evict them. What’s behind this is an ordinance that fines landlords if too many nuisance calls are being reported from an address.

Elaine Maly
February 10, 2011

Stop politicizing our wombs!

What is going on? The news seems obsessed. The blogs and news about the Smith Bill are never ending. Isn’t the term forcible rape redundant? Isn’t all rape forced?

Elaine Maly
January 05, 2011

A new year and new resolve.

This new year marks a big milestone for the Women’s Fund. 2011 is our 25th anniversary. 

Elaine Maly
October 05, 2010

Tips from women of color on how to be a better ally.

Sometimes I’m asked by white women what they can do to support women of color  besides writing a check.  We recently got some great advice from women of color involved in our Reproductive Justice project. 

Elaine Maly