The Women’s Fund made its first grant totaling $10,000 in 1989. Today, our total grant-making exceeds $3.0 million supporting women and girls led social change initiatives. It is our belief that real, long-lasting change can’t happen until there is a greater focus on altering the environment in which we live.

Our grant making focus areas

Economic Empowerment

Making sure that all women and girls are a part of the economic mainstream.

Leadership Development

Making sure more women and girls become leaders and support the women and girls who are already leaders.


Making sure all women and girls have access to an education of their choice and, that that they are educated about the issues affecting them.

Our primary goal is to fund organizations that demonstrate they have the ability to affect one or more of the social change impact indicators:

Shifts/Changes in Definitions: The issue is defined differently or idea is given new meaning.

Shifts/Changes in Behaviors: People or communities behave differently/often times better usually building a sense of personal empowerment.

Shifts/Changes in Engagement: People, especially women and girls are more engaged in an idea of action as a result of the work we fund.

Shifts/Changes in Policies: Institutional, legislative, organizational practice changes to better serve social change ideals.

Current Position is Maintained: We can withstand the backlash/resistance to change.

Why It Matters

Although the number of women in the U.S. Congress has reached an all-time high, the need for leadership social change is crucial. Women will not hold an equal share of seats until the year 2117, if trends continue at the current rate.