Marquette athlete, Nicki Barnes, shares Title IX experience

Today, women are able to benefit from Title IX, signed into law, 45 years ago. Title IX is a law banning sex discrimination in publicly funded institutions, giving female students access to play sports, a privilege their male counterparts have always been able to take advantage of.

Amanda Braun – Refusing To Sit On The Sidelines

Amanda Braun was celebrating her first birthday when congress proposed a final draft of Title IX, a law banning sex discrimination in publicly-funded athletic programs and creating equal access to sports for women. Throughout her childhood, she never realized the impact that this law would have on her life.

Milwaukee Magazine — Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee Honors Title IX Anniversary

In early summer of 1972, the seminal amendment Title IX was passed, simultaneously allowing women greater access to college education and opening doors for women and girls to participate in sports. 45 years later, Milwaukee will be celebrating its passing with a luncheon on Wednesday, Oct. 25, in true brew city fashion: at the Harley Davidson Museum.

Tracy Wayson

It is with great sadness  that we share with you  Tracy Wayson has passed away.  Tracy was the first Executive Director of the Women’s Fund and a wonderful advocate for everything women and girls.  She laid the foundation for the continuing success of the Women’s Fund – not just in Milwaukee – but the entire state.    This is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  article about her accomplishments  and information regarding her funeral services,  which will take place on...