One Woman, One Vote @ Northwestern Mutual, Grand Hall
Mar 16 @ 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
In partnership with the Women’s Employee Resource Group at Northwestern Mutual, this event celebrates National Women’s History Month.

The theme for the event is INCLUSIVENESS and the importance of ensuring everyone feels welcome to vote. The League of Women Voters will be on hand to check voter registration as well as register voters. Following a brief welcome with remarks from Denise Thomas, is the viewing of the PBS documentary, One Woman, One Vote.

This PBS documentary is a sweeping look at the women’s suffrage movement, from Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s famous Seneca Falls call to arms to the passage/ratification of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women voting rights. Narrated by Susan Sarandon, the documentary features historical photos and video clips of the suffrage movement, as well as a number of historians who provide needed context. The film also delves into the deep divisions within the suffrage movement, like the one over the question of whether to support voting rights for black men. In addition, the film looks at regional differences within the movement and differences over whether to use militant tactics.

Optional Attire: Please wear white in honor of the Suffragists…could be a white shirt, sweater, and/or all white! A hat is welcome too, though plan to remove it during the movie.

Networking: 4 – 4:30 PM

Opening Remarks: 4:30 PM

  • Denise Thomas, President/Owner, The Effective Communication Coach
  • John M. Grogan, Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Northwestern Mutual and NM WERG Executive Sponsor

PBS Documentary, “One Woman, One Vote”, 5 – 6:50 PM

Closing Remarks/Conclusion: 6:50 – 7 PM

No fee to attend; Registration Required.

Please bring your photo ID, as Northwestern Mutual requires consent and a secure check-in process.

Special note to NM employees…Please use your NM email address when registering. This will save time sorting attendee names for NM security. Thank you.

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