“Stand with me and the Women’s Fund in supporting women in our fundamental right to shape our own lives by having control over our health, our bodies. Embrace your power and create the world you desire.” – Annette Jacobson

As of August 5, 2022

We appreciate the generosity of all…for using the power of your philanthropy.

Lisa Attonito

Johanna Bauman

Erin E. Ceynar

Jennifer Cooper

Danila Danesi

Cate Deicher

Annette DiZinno

Jennifer Doyle

Joseph Eisman

Leah Fiasca

Kelly Fortier

Sarah Freeman

Maysee Her

Neille Hoffman

Celeste Horvath

Annette Jacobson

Donna Kleczka

David Louis

Pamela Mehta

Amy Muehlbauer

Kate Negri

Sandra Nix

Kathryn Norris

Beth Odian

Nancy Peterson

Kelly Rourke

Leah Schreiber Johnson

Issabel Schutz

Monica Shah-Davidson

Alexandria Staubach

Patricia Swanson

Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece

Michelle Velasquez

Kelly Wesolowski

Marilka Vélez

Jill Zellmer

Total to Date:  $16,171

Match Concludes on August 31, 2022

This matching gift challenge is made by Annette Jacobson.

We accept this matching gift challenge graciously made by Annette Jacobson. 

This is an opportunity to support women in the moment…today and tomorrow, and next month. It is also an opportunity to leverage the collective investment to advocate and create the systemic change that’s needed to ensure that all people have what is needed to thrive, including the right to choose when and how to create or expand family.

We appreciate your generosity and for using the power of your philanthropy. Thank you!