April 18, 2019 @ 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Woman's Club of Wisconsin
813 E Kilbourn Avenue
WI 53202
Lisa Attonito

This bi-annual event is a collaborative effort of, now, three entities coalescing around a common theme. We invite 8 – 10 women from our design community to give a short presentation about their passions/their work. It is a dynamic experience for the presenters as well as the attendees. Free and open to the public; Registration requested.

The theme for this spring is “Creativity and Careers.” The theme is intended to be open-ended so that each speaker can interpret what it means to her. This event works best when our speakers use this opportunity to explore and talk sincerely about their work, elevating the conversation within their field of work, critically exploring where they want to take their work, etc.

A Pecha Kucha styled event

Each presenter uses 20 slides (no more and no less) and each slide automatically advances after 20 seconds, totaling 6 minutes 40 seconds per presenter.

During the event, complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages are served. Registration opens March 15, 2019. Each entity promotes the event among its members/constituents. The event is open to the public, including men. Expected attendance is 180 – 200 people.

Presenters 2019...

Barbara Drake

Chris Grota, Northwestern Mutual

Kat Ramirez, AdBidtise

Marnie Noël, Noël Real Estate Advisors

Michelle Wagner Ebben, Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

Robin Reese, North Avenue/Fond du Lac Marketplace BID #32

Linda Keane, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Zorana Kostovic, Zimmerman Architectural Studios 

Siara Berry, Design Fugitives 

Kate Bartlett, Riverworks Development Corporation  

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Previous Presenters

Krisann Rehbein

Dasha Kelly

Teresa Olson

Michelle Kempen

Susan Becker

Rosheen Styczinki

Carolyn Esswein

Amy Shallow

Amber McCracken

Marion Clendenen-Acosta

Whitney Gould

Whitney Moon

Heather Turner Loth

Gayle Lowe

Angela Damiani

Ursula Twombly

Paula Verboomen

Layla Qarout

Anne Basting

Corey Zetts

Libby Castro

Allyson Nemec

Jasmine Benyamin

Juli Kaufman

Michelle Raysich

Jackie Posselt

Vanessa Koster

Heidi Witz

Beth Haskovec

Ali Carlucci

Nikole Bouchard

Kristin Dufek

Jerrica Zaric

Angie Tabrizi

Krista Ludwig

Angela Van Dyke

Kelly Christiansen

Stacey Keller

Jackie Wolke

Kate Nelson

Dawn McCarthy

Kelsey Ortero

Jody Jessup-Anger

Holly Blomquist

Angela Brzowski

Joy Peot Shields

Suzanne Jurva

Jennifer Schmidt

Jacki Dupre-Kinney

WCREW speakers

Shari Engstrom

Lori Jore

Tina Raasch-Prost

Lorna Mueller

Roberta Oldenburg

Jean Casey

Dena Nord

Ivy Hu

Jennifer Current

Liza Jablonski

Kim Wynn

Erika S. Baurecht

Francesca Tenuta

Shari Engstrom

Nirmal Raja

Joelle Worm

Kathy Osowski

Jena Sher

Marjorie Rucker

Kat Schleicher

Kate Edwards

Margo Komplin

Erica Chappelear