June 23, 2020 @ 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Are you thinking like a futurist?

As a follow up to the Women’s Fund Presents event of 2019, this will be a discussion about the Future 2030 in times of uncertainty. Julie Ragland, Chief Information Officer at Navistar and Marilka Vélez, SVP, Director of Marketing Services & Brand Management at Associated Bank will have a conversation reflect how they think like futurists personally, in their work, and for our community.

At our Annual 2019 Event themed the “Future, 2030” we heard from Rebecca Ryan and she walked us through data and historical connections by outlining the seasons as generational characteristics of who was born, when they entered the workforce, and how attitudes shifted each season, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Rebecca’s insights suggest that each winter we ask ourselves individually and as a country two questions:   Who are we? … and … What do we stand for? The Suffrage Movement, The Great Depression, The Great Recession, all happened during winters.

Marilka was the WF Present Event Chair in 2019 and like you, she is reflecting on these questions six months later in the midst of a global pandemic and painful social disruption in our country. She says these questions bring her pause and prompt new, harder ones too. We know the systems of the past are not going to serve us going forward. At the Women’s Fund, we are engaging in conversations about what saying goodbye to the old “normal” will mean in our workplace and how we can ensure that for women, the change is more equitable.

Therefore, even on short notice, we feel this a good time to circle back and continue to grow the skills Rebecca Ryan shared with our community of leaders and aspiring futurists.

Join us for a discussion about the FUTURE based on the webcast “What’s Next? How to Plan for a Disruptive Future at Work” with Rebecca Ryan and Jason Lauritsen who give us a brief course on how to think like futurists. They address these questions: How do we as leaders think around the corner? How can we avoid the type of biased and fast thinking that can narrow our view can work against us? What scenarios can we imagine in the next 18 months in our workplaces and organizations?

Right now, more than ever, it’s important to remember these words from Rebecca Ryan: “The future doesn’t just happen to you, you happen to the future.”

Ahead of the WF Conversation, participants are invited to watch/listen to a recent recording of Rebecca Ryan, Economist and Futurist. In this one-hour session, Rebecca talks with Jason Lauritsen on how to think like a futurist. Feel free to skip passed the updates/introductions etc to the 4:59 mark to where the session gets started. https://vimeo.com/423289908

Participation information for the WF Conversation will be provided to all registrants ahead of the event.

A LIVE conversation, done virtually, between…

Julie Ragland

Chief Information Officer, Navistar

Julie joined Navistar in 2018, from Adient, a leading supplier of automotive interiors, where she served as vice president, Information Technology and helped to establish the company’s first IT organization after its separation from Johnson Controls. She will report to Troy Clarke, Navistar’s chairman, president and chief executive officer.

Before Adient, Julie served as consulting director at Answerport, Inc., a management and technology consulting firm. Prior to that, she had served as a senior manager at Ernst & Young.

Julie is a graduate of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Julie is WF Board Chair 2020

Marilka Vélez

SVP, Director of Marketing Services & Brand Management, Associated Bank

Marilka is a Milwaukee native, and also very proud and connected to her Puerto Rican roots. She is fluent in Spanish and studied in Spain during her college experience. A summa cum laude graduate of Mount Mary University, Marilka earned a BA in Graphic Design & Spanish. She was also invited to attend the highly competitive Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders workshop at Yale University.

Marilka has more than 15 years of creative, technical and business experience. A branding and digital marketing expert, Marilka is a rare combination of creativity and organization. She joined Associated Bank in 2016 and has helped shepherd the marketing integration of numerous Associated acquisitions. Marilka leads the in-house creative team with responsibility to develop all branch merchandising, social media, consumer-based and business to business communications and media.

Marilka is WF Board Chair 2021 – 2022