The Sister’s Diversion Project

The Sister’s Diversion Project is a multi-year project designed to create, maintain and expand policies and practices that decriminalize prostitution and offer women treatment alternatives to incarceration so they can begin the journey to safer and healthier lives. The project is designed to create policy shifts that change the way Milwaukee addresses the issue of street prostitution.

As a result of funding from the Women’s Fund Social Change Grants program, the Benedict Center’s Sister’s Diversion Project was able to sustain and leverage funding for the program by receiving a two year policy change grant from the Medical College of Wisconsin to focus on creating a city-wide prostitution diversion program. This has allowed us to significantly increase capacity to work on this social change project.

Cientificas de Milwaukee

Cientificas de Milwaukee is the only extracurricular program in the Milwaukee Public Schools that offers bilingual STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education to elementary and middle school-aged girls in the Milwaukee Area and raises awareness of the disparities apparent in the higher education pipeline, particularly in STEM fields. Offered at Hayes Elementary School, the program has grown from five girls to fifty in grades 5th through 8th. Funded through the Women’s Fund Social Change Grants Program, Cientificas has changed the attitudes about STEM careers.