Women’s Fund Presents, 2021…
Disruptors, Changing the Power Dynamics

Event proceeds work to advance equity for women…by providing HER Scholarships, supporting Grants to area NFP organizations addressing systemic issues, and convening the community to change attitudes, behavior, and culture. Thank you for your investment

This year the Women’s Fund Presents…Disruptors, Changing the Power Dynamics. During this annual event which also included a virtual option, the Women’s Fund deepened the community conversation about gender and race and the impact of intersectionality for women in Milwaukee.

At this dynamic luncheon, Johnson Controls as Speaker Sponsor, brought Abby Phillip, senior political correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics Sunday on CNN, to talk about her journey, share stories from the road traveling with politicians, and relate her personal insights about how gender and race impact women.

Monica Shah-Davidson, WF Presents Event Chair shares why you won’t want to miss this year’s event


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Marilka Vélez, shares why you should attend WF Presents…Disruptors, Changing the Power Dynamics


Event Program

Watch the entire
conversation between
Dr. Prince and Abby Phillip.

What an event! At the WF Presents…Disruptors, Changing the Power Dynamics lunch, Dr. Joan Prince in conversation with Abby Phillip discussed gender and race and the impact of intersectionality for women. When asked, what we can do to take action, Abby Phillip had this to say…

“In every room that I am in, because I am a black woman and I am aware of myself in relation to other people, I notice when there are people who are not in the room with me. It is obvious to me. What I notice is everybody else is thinking the same way, and saying the same thing and there are perspectives missing. There have been in my workplaces, perspectives missing at very important tables. And I have had to say ‘the reason we cannot figure this out is because everybody here is kind of the same.’ When you think about why it matters to do something, in the absence of a diversity of experiences and opinions and backgrounds, and geographic origins, you are going to be on the losing end of a situation, you are not going to be thinking the most fully about the problems that you have to solve.”

We challenge you to lead discussions and efforts in our community. Continue these conversations as you walk away today and may your voice be that next ripple of disruption.


Event Committee

Monica Shah-Davidson, Chair

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