The Women’s Fund is a Community Partner for the Milwaukee Film Festival. Check out our presenting movie, Warrior Women, tonight, October 22, 2018, and Wednesday afternoon. If you come to the screening on the 22nd you’ll be able to catch director Elizabeth Castle and Lakota Harden!

About the Milwaukee Film Festival: The 2018 Milwaukee International Film Festival will screen more than 300 films, engage with dozens of filmmakers, host tons of events, and spark countless conversations among friends and film buffs in the community. It’s an immersive, experiential monument to the artistic, technological, and philosophical power of visual storytelling and a celebration of the medium’s unique ability to capture the beauty and tumult of the human experience, to bear witness, to give voice to the voiceless—all while never forgetting to have a great time. It’s a tribute to the best of film, the best of the visual arts, and the best of human creativity.