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Power Illuminator…

The individuals listed here have used the power of collective philanthropy by investing at least $1,000 in support of the Women’s Fund mission to mobilize philanthropy. These gifts unite people, shape community consciousness, and promote solutions that create gender equity.

While we have hundreds of individuals supporting our mission with gifts of all sizes, we celebrate the specialness of these people who are making change through their investments. Thank you for your generosity!

Can YOU imagine the possibilities? Add your name to the list!

Sandra Cunningham
Sangeeta Edwin
Heidi Furlong
Lindsay Hammerer
Margarete Harvey
Nicole Horvath
Annette Jacobson
Judy A. Keyes
Missy Levit
Amy Muehlbauer

Beth Odian
Nancy Peterson
Julie Ragland
Erika Sander
Kathy Schill
Monica Shah-Davidson
Rose Spang
Barbara Stein
Uma Vandegrift
Marilka Vélez