Women’s Funding Network Members, including the WFGM,
make a Statement of Solidarity and Condemnation of Police Brutality

The only way to end the cycle of government violence against people of color is to take action every single day.

Use your voice. Use your vote. Use your money.  #womensfundmke


Today you have the opportunity to join the #PledgeMyStimulus movement!

If you can, please donate any or all of your stimulus check to the Women’s Fund.

Women's Fund Presents...

Save the Date:  Friday, October 30, 2020.

Monica Shah-Davidson is our event chair and planning a hybrid event that includes a virtual option. Stay tuned.

If you would like more information on becoming a sponsor, please click the link to send an email to Lisa Attonito.

In the uncertainty there is certainty

We are certain several of our HER Scholars will graduate in May. We are certain new HER Scholarship applications will be received and reviewed in the coming weeks. We are certain the Event Committee planning our Women’s Fund Presents event for October is considering a variety of scenarios and will do their best to provide a meaningful experience.

HER Scholar Profile

“You cannot deter a determined mind,” says Lynette. “This has been my calling for my entire life. I have sacrificed so much to get here. It is not a second thought.”

Read Lynette’s story of perseverance, the importance of receiving a Women’s Fund HER Scholarship, and why funding this scholarship is an investment the future. 

Grant Partners 2020

Congratulations…we believe in you!  Thank you for your work and commitment to advancing equity for women and girls in our community.

Pictured here are students from St. Joan Antida High School…we support the SJA Skilled Trades Education Program. 

In 2019...

We looked toward 2030 and determined what we can do to create the future we all want now.  

Why the Women's Fund?

Because it keeps women at the center of the conversation.  Please support our mission of advancing equity for women.

Pledge to be counted in 2020!

The Women’s Fund is part of the Greater Milwaukee Complete Count Committee, which is committed to ensuring success in our community for Census 2020.

Now is the time…please be counted!

Community Talk Back

An Historic Date…June 10, 2019

Marking the day, we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Wisconsin ratifying the 19th Amendment.  After viewing the 1995 PBS documentary One Woman, One Vote, we ask, “What is your commitment?”

The Community Talk Back was held at NO Studios in the Pabst Brewery Complex and was made possible with support from Rotary Club of Milwaukee along with Dr. Karen J. Maroda.  Our gratitude…thank you.

We are committed to activating philanthropy

to advance equity for women.

About Our Organization



Equity among people is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.


In Wisconsin, men are 2.5 times more likely to be in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) occupations than women.

Although the number of women in the U.S. Congress has reached an all-time high, more women need those roles. If trends continue at the current rate, women will not hold an equal share of seats until the year 2117. We can’t wait that long…

You're Invited to Attend One Woman, One Vote ~ Virtually!

Our Community Talk Back originally planned in March, has been rescheduled for June 10th! As we continue to protect our families and community by staying at home and social distancing, this event is virtual. The theme for this Community Talk Back is INCLUSIVENESS and the importance of ensuring everyone feels welcome to vote.

WF Presents showcased with a MBJ slide deck

WF Presents showcased with a MBJ slide deck

The Women's Fund of Greater Milwaukee recently honored 12 Milwaukee women, including Raquel Filmanowicz of BMO Harris Bank and Becky House of Rockwell Automation, as "Futurists in our Community," as part of its "The Future, 2030," event. Check out the...

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