Women Supporting Women

As a gender equity funder we stand together to leverage our power for our collective liberation. Invest in the fight to protect abortion access & bodily autonomy.

Here are five actions you & philanthropy at large can take:

Women’s Fund Presents, 2022…The F Word, Reclaiming Feminism

November 17 – Proceeds work to advance equity for women by providing HER Scholarships, supporting Grants to area NFP organizations addressing systemic issues, and convening the community to change attitudes, behavior, and culture.

We reached our goal!

Thank you Annette Jacobson for this Matching Gift Challenge. This was an opportunity to support women…today and tomorrow, and for years to come.

We appreciate the generosity of all… for using the power of your philanthropy!

Total raised: $17,143 

We are committed to activating philanthropy 

to advance equity for women.

Focus Areas

Upcoming Events

Our programming creates opportunity for people to convene around important issues that impact women.  Our Community Talk Backs and Community Book Reads assemble diverse groups of people, facilitate engaging and dynamic inter-generational conversation.  These experiences create discussion and group gatherings designed to challenge our thinking, adjust our attitude, influence our behavior, and change culture. We do this in support of ALL women in Greater Milwaukee.

WHY our work MATTERS


Just 2%
The latest study from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at
IUPUI indicates that only 1.9% of all charitable giving
supports organizations for women and girls.  


In Wisconsin, men are 2.5 times more likely to be in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) occupations than women.

Although the number of women in the U.S. Congress has reached an all-time high, more women need those roles. If trends continue at the current rate, women will not hold an equal share of seats until the year 2117. We can’t wait that long…

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