Cultures of Giving

Building capacity for those working toward the betterment of our diverse communities.

We engage women who are traditionally underrepresented in philanthropy through our Cultures of Giving: African American Women’s Fund Project, Latinas en Acción, Lesbian Fund, and Viv Ncaus: A Hmong Women’s Giving Circle.

Each share the goal of engaging women in philanthropy, so the leveraged investments, in the form of grants can affect attitudes, behaviors, and cultural understandings.  This is the change we all want to see in Greater Milwaukee.

African American Women's Fund Project


African American Women’s Fund Project at the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee is dedicated to funding programs that support the health, well-being, and advancement of African American women and girls in greater Milwaukee. We fund programs that increase the life skills of African American women and girls, expand philanthropy among African American women and girls, build a network that is a catalyst for positive change, and encourage the self-sufficiency and well-being of African American women and girls in need.

Gwen Jackson, Founder
Emeritus Vel Phillips, Honorable Founder
Dr. Eve Hall, Co-Founder
Dr. Deryl Davis Fulmer, Co-Founder
Martha Love, Co-Chair
Linda Graves, Co-Chair
Danae Davis
Deryl Davis Fulmer
Cecelia Gore
Eve Hall
Michelle Hinton
Jeanette Mitchell
June Perry
Joan Prince
Thelma Sias
In 2018, we made a commitment to the rebirth of Bronzeville with these two grants…

America’s Black Holocaust Museum:  In support of the And Still We Rise exhibit

Kindred, A renovation to become the home to two phenomenal youth organizations: Grateful Girls, Inc. and Jazale’s Art Studio.

Latinas en Acción

Building Latina community assets for a just society.

Latinas en Acción is a fund dedicated to supporting programs that enhance the lives of Latina women and girls in the Greater Milwaukee area. We work to build a community where Latinas thrive in a supportive and just environment that fosters health, education and opportunity. When you support Latinas en Acción, you combine your resources with other like-minded women and men to create a dedicated fund to advance Latina women and girls in Milwaukee.  Join us!

Marcela O. García
Claudia Guzmán
Ava Hernández
Adriana Rodríguez
Maria Rodriguez
Patricia Villareal
NAMI $750 | Our Own Voice
An anti-stigma education program in which individuals with a lived experience of a psychiatric diagnosis use creative arts to share compelling personal stories about living with mental illness and achieving recovery.

Girl Scouts $1,000 | Latina Initiative
Initiative that aims to increase the engagement of Latina mothers and participation of Latina girls age 5-17 in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Planned Parenthood $1,000 | Promotores de Salud
Community Health workers work in partnership with the community’s culture, language and value systems to advance reproductive justice, disease prevention and screening actions.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee $500 | Legal Services for Immigrants
Direct services that provide education to the greater Milwaukee immigrant and Latina communities in regards to immigration and options available to victims of domestic violence.

Milwaukee Latino Health Coalition $750 | Latino Research Action Team’s Access to Health Care Survey in Milwaukee’s Latino Community
A participatory approach to survey development, implementation, data collection, analysis, and dissemination of findings that aims to identify and characterize facilitators and barriers to access to health care in Milwaukee’s Latino community.

Healing Center (Aurora Healthcare) $500 | Spanish-Speaking, Trauma-Informed Services
A program that provides culturally competent, trauma informed services for Spanish-Speaking survivors of sexual abuse and assault in Milwaukee.

Lesbian Fund

Increasing the visibility of lesbians as strong community leaders

The Lesbian Fund’s mission is to encourage philanthropy that will increase the visibility of lesbians as strong community leaders, inform and advocate for lesbian concerns, and provide financial support to initiatives benefiting lesbians at all stages of life. The Lesbian Fund will serve as the recognized philanthropic catalyst for raising community consciousness of, and commitment to, enhancing the quality of lesbian life. We want to be a catalyst for community awareness about lesbian and bisexual women’s leadership. We want young women to feel empowered to live their life out and open to new challenges and opportunities. We want every woman to feel connected to a network that supports their life choices.

Brenda Coley Chris Doerfler, Co-Chair
Kathy Prodoehl, Co-Chair
The Lesbian Fund distributes grants on an annual basis. Grants are given to organizations doing work that supports the Lesbian Fund’s mission. Our current focus for grantmaking is leadership development, anti-violence, adolescent girls and young women, and reproductive justice. We also fund programming that increases visibility and reduces the isolation of lesbian girls and women.

Diverse and Resilient, Inc.

Women’s Voices

Lesbian Alliance

Reproductive Justice Collective

Project Q at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Safe Healthy Strong Conference

LGBT Leadership Conference

LGBT Film Festival, UWM Foundation

Viv Ncaus: A Hmong Women's Giving Circle

A sisterhood of women.

We are Viv Ncaus, a sisterhood of women who raise funds to support our Hmong sisters. We are the only Hmong women’s giving circle in Wisconsin and we are dedicated to supporting innovative, community-based efforts that challenge the root causes of gender inequality and create social change for all Hmong women and girls. Viv Ncaus is a member of the AAPIP National Giving Circle Network and receives matching funds each year based on funds raised and granted in the Hmong community.

Kabzuag Vaj (Co-Founder)
Pa Y. Vang (Co-Founder)
Tammie Mee Xiong (Co-Founder)