Book Discussion, Lakota Woman

Virtual via Zoom

Hosted by Starla Thompson: “My work as an educator, scholar, dancer, advocate, and mother is directly influenced by my lived experiences as a Potawatomi woman born and raised in Chicago, ancestral Potawatomi land. I am an enrolled member of the Forest County Band of Potawatomi that resides in northern Wisconsin. A long line of matriarch relatives, who survived removal, assimilation (boarding schools), relocation, and other federal policies aimed at our genocide, impact my work, power my passion for truth, and inspire my commitment to healing in all communities. Deepening the understanding of my native culture has been a treasured gift.”


Book Discussion, When Everything Changed

WF Sunny Table | Women’s Fund Office at the Landmark Building 316 N. Milwaukee Street Suite 215, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When Everything Changed begins in 1960, when most American women had to get their husbands’ permission to apply for a credit card. It ends in 2008 with Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential campaign. This was a time of cataclysmic change, when, after four hundred years, expectations about the lives of American women were smashed in just a generation.



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