Economic empowerment for women through education.

This scholarship program is for women over the age of 35 seeking to complete degree programs at Milwaukee area colleges and universities. Scholarships provide women needed resources and boost confidence in their ability to attain their goals.

The program was established within the Women’s Fund more than 15 years ago with the realization that women above the age of 35 benefit greatly from higher education. With higher education, women typically earn higher wages and are able to permanently increase their economic well-being and their capacity to provide for their families. Children of college-educated mothers also fare much better in terms of educational attainment. Helping a woman to support her family potentially lifts an entire family system into a higher economic and social status.

Women students over the age of 35 are likely to face three significant barriers to entering and completing higher education: low income, full-time employment and responsibility for raising children. In recent years the graduation rate for scholarship recipients has been 100.

Sandy Cunningham, Chair

Kareeda Chones-Aguam

Sue Hickey

Missy Levit

Gwen Plunkett

Carol Robinson

Holly Ryan

Ann Stoddard

Jerri Washington

Deborah Evans

HER Scholarship Recipients

The newly named HER Scholarship recipients for the 2017/18 academic year are all dynamic and ambitious women. While each has her own story, together they demonstrate determination, passion and commitment. It’s your gift that acts as inspiration. There are daily challenges and life barriers that test these students, yet they persevere in your honor. Please celebrate their achievements!

“Knowing that there are complete strangers, willing to support my success, inspires me every day. My studies have awakened my mind and ability, and I’m grateful to the community that helped make this possible for me.” HER Scholarship Recipient

Alverno College

Rena G.
Communications, May 2018

Mt Mary University

Bridget W.
Dietetics minor Psychology, May 2018

Paula B.
Business Administration, December 2017

Teri Ann G.
Health Communications, May 2018

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Gold O.
Healthcare Administration, May 2019

Jamie K.
Social Work, December 2018

Josefina R.
Childhood Bilingual/ESL, May 2018

Katie M.
Psychology, Women’s & Gender Studies, December 2018

Laura M.
Healthcare Business Administration, May 2020

Lavoris A.
Social Work, May 2019
Funded by College Endowment Association

Rachel H.
Nutritional Sciences, December 2019

Celebration of Gifts

HER Scholarship Program Donors, September 1, 2017 – August 30, 2018

Thank you, for your contribution to advancing equity for women. Click here to learn how you can donate to the program.


Patrick & Anna M. Cudahy Fund *

$2,500 – $5,000

Annette Stoddard Freeman Revocable Trust

College Endowment Association

Missy and Bill Levit *

$500 – $999

Margarete and David Harvey *

Mary E. Lacy

Gael and David Romoser *

$250 – $499

Mrs. and Mr. Anthony W. Asmuth, III *

Marguerite Cudahy *

Teri Sullivan

$100 – $249

Mary Beth Malm

Natalie Beckwith *

Alan Belzer *

Nancy and William Carpenter *

Janice Fitzgerald

Mary and Louis Freeman

Pamela Helms

Julilly Kohler

Nancy and Arthur Laskin *
Eloise Levitt *

Susan Martin

Ministrare, Inc. *

Carol and Tim Robinson

Under $100

Shelley Chamberlain

Georgeanne and Marshall Cusic *

Marilyn Gordon-Ross *

Nancy Hahn *

Drs. Mary Alice and
William Houghton *

Joan Mc Cracken *

Clare and Harvey Lemovitz *

Margaret Monahan *

Catherine Raynor *

Cynthia Sanchez *

Mrs. and Mr. Jean A. Straub *

Pam Garvey and JD Watts *

Sandra Westbrook *

Olivia Wong *


*Memorial Gift in honor of Annette Stoddard Freeman, Co-Founder, HER Scholarship Program.