“My family recently named the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee as a beneficiary in our retirement accounts. We have been donors for quite some time and were inspired to create a lasting commitment to the mission of advancing equity for women.
Investing in the Women’s Fund allows us to put our financial investments behind an organization that is committed to causes that are important to us and it allows us to ensure that the work continues beyond our lifetimes. As an endowment, we know that the money we give will be available for ongoing grantmaking and support to the Women’s Fund initiatives. We encourage everyone to think of the long-term goals and incorporate the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee in your planned giving.”
—Julie Ragland


Donate now!  Your investment helps shift attitudes, behavior, and culture for women and girls. Your gift to the Women’s Fund, is combined with the investments of other philanthropic people.

Research shows that for every woman or girl reached through economic empowerment, leadership development, and education grant making programs, an additional six other women and girls are impacted.  How many women and girls will you help us empower?

WHO GIVES? People just like you!  

We have donors that make annual gifts that are 5 figures.  We have other donors who make 5 figure gifts  periodically, though not every year.  Others make gifts in any amount…$3,000, $45, $365 and all the other numbers too.  We have regular donors that make gifts that range from $5 to $100 per month.

The size of your gift is not our focus, your commitment is! 

Today, we are standing on the shoulders of people who made gifts earlier this year, last year, and all the years back to our beginning in 1985.  Do your part and join the group that is exclusively advancing equity for women.


This list of donor names is so special to the Women’s Fund because these are the people who have included the Fund in their estate plans.  Whether their ultimate gift is the entire estate, a percentage or portion of the estate, or a set dollar amount from the estate…we are proud they believe equity for women is important enough to be a part of their personal legacies. Thank you.

Lisa Attonito

Marsha L. Block

Jacqueline E. Boynton

Diane M. Buck

Bridget Coffey

Sandy Cunningham

Dorothy K. Dean

Sarah Dean

Honorable Jean DiMotto

Sandra W. Duffy

Anne L. Elvgren

Doris Heiser

Sue Hickey

Joan Hubbard

Donna Kleczka

Sally J. Lewis

Melissa McCord

Sylvia A. Murn

Beth A. Partleton

Nancy Peterson

Gwen Plunkett

Joan M. Prince

Julie Ragland

Marisa Rivera

Mary E. Roggeman

Erika Sander

Cathy Seasholes

Monica Shah-Davidson

When you make a gift to the Women’s Fund, you become a part of community legacy; one that is exclusively focused on women and girls.  Your dollars are collectively leveraged to influence attitudes, and encourage behavior that supports the betterment of women and girls in the Milwaukee area.