Women’s Funding Network Members, including the WFGM,
make a Statement of Solidarity and Condemnation of Police Brutality

The only way to end the cycle of government violence against people of color is to take action every single day.

Use your voice. Use your vote. Use your money.  #womensfundmke

When the Women’s Fund Endowment was created, several Funds that were housed at the then, Milwaukee Foundation were consolidated.   This list represents those originating entities. 

Janet C Balding Fund

Joan H. Boerner Found

Diane M. Buck Fund

Doris H. Chortek Fund

Beverly Colton Fund

Marianne Epstein Fund

Elizabeth Leis Erasmus Charitable Endowment Fund

Sally W. Grootemaat Fund

Doris Hodges Heiser Fund

Sandra U. Hoeh Fund

Martin Family Foundation Fund

The Mitsi Fund

Miriam S. Reading Fund

Harriet G. Surinak Fund

Joan S. Underberg Fund

Louise Pabst Hook Fund

Constance Bowman Fund