We invite you to become a Power Illuminator…

The individuals listed here have used the power of collective philanthropy by investing at least $1,000 in support of the Women’s Fund mission to mobilize philanthropy. These gifts unite people, shape community consciousness, and promote solutions that create gender equity.

While we have hundreds of individuals supporting our mission with gifts of all sizes, we celebrate the specialness of these people who are making change through their investments. Thank you for your generosity!

To celebrate Power Illuminators, I am giving a gift to the Women’s Fund of $23,000.

But there’s more.

As I’ve given at the WF, I have found more courage, a bigger voice, and I’ve become more powerful. As you can imagine, this changes relationships. Isn’t that what our work is about? To change culture and to create a more equitable world, we need to be courageous. We need to step into our power and use our voices in ALL our relationships — with spouses and partners, colleagues and neighbors, and everyone we interact with. This is how real change occurs — relationship by relationship, life by life. This is how we create an equitable community.

To continue on this adventure of creating that community, to move toward this goal, I am giving a matching gift of $1,000 (up to $24,000) for each NEW Power Illuminator who makes a gift before October 31, 2024. 

Can YOU imagine the possibilities? Add your name to the list!

Names listed in purple responded to the WF Power Illuminator Challenge made by Annette Jacobson during the WF Presents 2023 event.

Yvonne Attonito
Carrie Arrouet
Kristin Bergstrom
Ranu Bhatia 

Sandra Cunningham
Sandy Duffy
Frank Daily and Julianna Ebert
Sangeeta Edwin
Andrea Eid
Barbara N. Fuldner

Heidi Furlong
Michael W. Engh and Chris K. Gawart
Sarah Gilday
Cindy Gnadinger
Chris Grota
Lindsay Hammerer
Margarete Harvey
Cynthia Hasbrook
Doris Heiser
Sue Hickey
Jayne Hladio
Nicole Horvath
Annette Jacobson
Tobias Kaemmerer
Judy A. Keyes
Donna Kleczka
Chrissy Kruger-Gruendyke
Gillian Lester-George de Montesinos



Elizabeth Levins
Missy Levit
Marianne Lubar
Mary Beth Malm
Karen J. Maroda
Maureen McGinnity
Amy Muehlbauer
Kathryn Norris
Beth Odian
Nancy Peterson
Julie Ragland
Josh Randall
Sheila Reynolds
Chandra Rodgers
Holly Ryan
Erika Sander
Annemarie Sawkins
Kathy Schill
Lavanya Shah
Monica Shah-Davidson
Katherine Sieger
Rose Spang
Alexandria Staubach
Barbara Stein
Kosana Stojcevic
Uma Vandegrift
Marilka Vélez
Beth Weckmueller
Lisa Weisman