executive director & related

Executive Director Lisa Attonito has assembled a portfolio of consultants that provide specific skills to advance the mission of the Women’s Fund. Each person leverages their knowledge and experiences to implement ideas and accomplish tasks that are generated from a variety of sources. Together, each works alongside Lisa to ensure the Women’s Fund is moving forward and advancing equity for women in greater Milwaukee.


  • Heidi Dietrich
  • Rochelle Einsiedel
  • Steve Farwig
  • Mindy Harmelink
  • Neille Hoffman


  • Andrea Hubbert
  • Nancy Kolar
  • Karen Von Rueden
  • Leah Wong


  • Women of color: 3 of 8 or 37.5%
  • Four generations represented: Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z

Lisa Attonito, Executive Director

Lisa Attonito was named as executive director of the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee in November 2016. Committed to activating philanthropy to advance equity for women, the focus is on economic empowerment, leadership skills, and education. The Women’s Fund is shifting attitudes, behaviors, and culture so that greater Milwaukee is an inclusive world-class community where women and girls realize their full potential and everyone thrives. 

Lisa has extensive experience leading, managing, and marketing service organizations. She is known for team building that includes cultural awareness and inclusivity. Her career includes senior positions with several well-known, best-in-class nonprofit organizations. She has secured millions of dollars for capital initiatives for the betterment of our community.  

Lisa earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee. She is an active member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Milwaukee Foundation COVID Civic Response Team, Milwaukee Women, Inc., Planned Giving Council, TEMPO Milwaukee, Wisconsin Philanthropy Network, and Women’s Funding Network.

Professional Experience

  • America’s Black Holocaust Museum
  • Beloit Fine Arts Incubator
  • Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin
  • Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear
  • Hmong American Peace Academy
  • Junior Achievement of Wisconsin
  • MalamaDoe
  • Sojourner Family Peace Center
  • Woman’s Club of Wisconsin
  • Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee

Member Organizations 

  • Association of Fundraising Professionals, SE Wisconsin
  • MilwaukeeWomen Inc.
  • Planned Giving Council of Wisconsin
  • TEMPO Milwaukee

Heidi Dietrich, Independent Consultant

Heidi has been with the Women’s Fund since January 2022 and supports the donor database system ensuring up-to-date and accurate information is recorded. Heidi has also worked with the American Diabetes Association and Polish Heritage Alliance, providing administrative and event logistical support to both organizations. She is pursuing a degree in accounting from WCTC with anticipated graduation in fall 2023.

Rochelle Einsiedel, Independent Consultant

Growing up Rochelle saw everything as a picture; all of her allowance money went toward buying instant film for her Polaroid camera. Years later, her eight-year career as a Correctional Officer and Communications Instructor with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office equipped her with the attention to detail and ability to adapt to any situation she needs as a skilled photographer.

Today, Rochelle works with corporate clients in Milwaukee, including the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee. She has also completed a number of accelerated business programs, received first place in the African American Chamber of Commerce’s business pitch competition, and was nominated for the Rising Star Award.

Steve Farwig, Independent Consultant

After 30 years of fundraising for non-profit organizations in higher education, social services, and health care, Steve is now offering his expertise in planned giving to the WF. He got to know Lisa Attonito and learned about the work of the Women’s Fund while they served together on the board of the Planned Giving Council of Eastern Wisconsin. He is excited about sharing with Women’s Fund donors the many ways they can strengthening the organization’s efforts by leaving a lasting legacy through their giving.

Andrea Hubbert, Independent Consultant

Andrea has been a disruptor since an early age. So said her middle school teachers who sent her home with daily report cards because she wouldn’t stop talking in class. Her methods may have changed since then, but her spirit remains the same. 🎉

For the Women’s Fund, she’s recently begun to put her public relations and copywriting skills to use in the continued development of our website. Connect with Andrea on LinkedIn.

Nancy Kolar, Independent Consultant

With over 30 years of experience in fundraising for non-profit organizations, Nancy acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills that have allowed her to grow in her profession. In 2015, she became an independent contractor and currently provides direct mail support, list management, creative graphics and digital imaging, e-communications, and web design, to support the development and communication activities of five non-profit organizations.

Leah Wong, Independent Consultant

Leah manages social media; she started supporting the Women’s Fund in that capacity in September 2022. Leah earned a bachelor’s degree in communication science and rhetorical studies and a minor in digital studies from the University of Wisconsin — Madison. Her expertise is in social media marketing. Leah is a positive, inclusive individual who is passionate about helping women and girls. Connect with Leah on LinkedIn.