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9to5 Wisconsin 

Women’s Leadership Program

This program provides organizing and advocacy training for low-wage women in the Milwaukee area, to build their leadership for grassroots social justice.

9t5 is working to expand their organizing and advocacy training and  reach/engage a larger number of leaders.  9to5 designed a year-long program that includes the 9to5 Power of Participation workshop series, a weekend legislative and advocacy training in Madison, ongoing opportunities to participate in issue campaigns, and an intensive civic and leadership development summer internship.

Over the course of 12 months, the program trains and engages 25 women from the greater Milwaukee area.

Alverno College 

Report of Women in Public Life in Wisconsin 

Honoring the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which guaranteed women the right to vote, Research Center for Women and Girls at Alverno College, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Women’s Council, is reprising its 1970 Women in Public Life in Wisconsin report. This non-partisan study analyzes existing and emerging pipelines for Wisconsin women in elected office, assessing how far we have come, illuminating new understandings, and strengthening strategies and systems that support/develop women office holders.

A survey will be distributed to elected officials in Wisconsin.  Findings will be published, followed by a state-wide educational campaign to disseminate results for broad impact in 2020.  

Benedict Center

Sister’s Diversion Project

The Sister’s Diversion Project is a multi-year project designed to create, maintain and expand policies and practices that decriminalize prostitution and offer women treatment alternatives to incarceration so they can begin the journey to safer and healthier lives. The project is designed to create policy shifts that change the way Milwaukee addresses the issue of street prostitution.

As a result of funding from the Women’s Fund, the Benedict Center’s Sister’s Diversion Project is able to sustain and leverage funding for the program by receiving a two-year policy change grant from the Medical College of Wisconsin to focus on creating a city-wide prostitution diversion program. This has allowed us to significantly increase capacity to work on this social change project.

Cathedral Center
Independence Program:  Retention Project

Three years into formal programming, Cathedral Center’s Women’s Independence Program (WIP) is making tremendous strides helping women considered an unemployable return to the workforce and increase employment income. Through this Project, women gain financial stability and self-sufficiency which helps them realize their full potential and find their way out of poverty while employers gain loyal employees. The WIP coordinator collects data and conducts best practice research; provide follow-up support for clients and employers; educate clients about employer expectations; and help them advocate for themselves, while they readjust to the world of work.

Grateful Girls

Queens Closet

This grant supports  trauma-informed job training program for teen girls and young women who are at-risk, at promise and or victims/survivors of sex trafficking in Milwaukee.  The job training program teaches real-world skills that are applied at our boutique job lab, Queens Closet, located in the Sherman Phoenix, that sells gently-used, name-brand clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Through our EmpowerME program, essential tools are provided for developing an authentic voice, finding personal value and learning skills that will improve the future.  Robust weekly programming takes place at the Community Resource Center (located at 26th Street and Lisbon Avenue.) Empowerment Group Sessions are led by counselors and mentors, and address topics including healthy relationships, self-esteem building, peer influence, goal setting, independent living, and good decision-making skills.

Art Expression sessions are also offered weekly and follow the First Aid Arts curriculum, which provides art-based tools for victims of trauma.  This world-renowned program recognizes the healing power of arts and provides a non-threatening format for victims to begin the process of identifying and working through traumatic events, as well as easing the effects of post-traumatic stress.

In addition to the two core programs, Grateful Girls offers a variety of other program, such as a life coaching, nutrition and fitness, tutoring, mentoring and job training.  

Part of combating the scourge of sex trafficking is awareness and prevention.  To this end, Grateful Girls hosts an annual Stay Out The Game 101 Youth Summit which brings parents, teens and community leaders together to discuss how to identify and prevent trafficking in our community.  This successful event has provided education and tools to hundreds in Milwaukee.

In addition, Grateful Girls partners with sex trafficking-focused social service organizations throughout the city, Milwaukee Police Department, FBI, MPS, Wraparound Milwaukee and DCF as a partner on the US DOJ Human Trafficking Taskforce.

HIR Wellness Center

Inter-generational Programming for Native American Girls and Women

HIR Intergenerational Programs for women, young women, and girls are designed to address the mental health gap and present-day issues impacting American Indian communities resulting from colonization, assimilation and generational experiences of historical trauma. HIR programs are focused on prevention of the most pervasive issues including domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, mental health concerns, and suicide. HIR mental health programs, trainings, and workshops are community-values based, and action focused, informed by our Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) projects and focus groups with trusted community members, unique to HIR programming is community based, not community placed.

In the sessions, girls participate in talking circles to share their insights on the themes and prevention issues, create mind maps, and participate in special projects such as service work, learning traditional skills and crafts, participating in and learning how to plan cultural activities and community events. This group of girls helps plan the Red Sand Project for human trafficking awareness.

League of Women Voters of Milwaukee

Operational Funding

The League has extraordinary demands related to the 2020 elections, a community leadership development program, and expanded programming, including recognition of the LWV and the 19th Amendment Centennials. 

The work is to promote voting rights and nonpartisan information on critical issues boosts the power of the citizenry and the democratic process that shapes our society.  Like the WFs, the LWVMC seeks to empower women so that their voices – and votes – improve society. 

Neighborhood House of Milwaukee

Women 2 Woman

Woman 2 Woman is an innovative adult-teen mentoring and education program designed to empower marginalized young women of color in Milwaukee. The aim is to address gender and family violence by pairing them with caring adult female mentors (family and/or community members) trained to provide support and to facilitate education and activities that examine the root causes of domestic violence, promote healthy relationships, build leadership skills and, ultimately, shift cultural thinking. All participants are low-income women and teens who have experienced some form of domestic violence. 

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin

Cuidándonos Creceremos más Sanos

The Cuidándonos Creceremos más Sanos Program was developed by and for Latinos. The project uses leadership development and training strategies to addresses Latino health disparities such as higher rates of morbidity and mortality rates from breast and cervical cancer, higher teen pregnancy rates, and other health issues.

Strategies include

  • Training Latina Community Health Promotoras to provide comprehensive reproductive health and sexuality education to Latina women and girls in the greater Milwaukee area; and
  • Increasing Latinx community knowledge of, and confidence in, advocating for health improvement.

St. Joan Antida High School

SJA Skilled Trades Education Program

The Skilled Trades Education Program (STEP) is a new initiative that launched school year (2019-20) at St. Joan Antida High School (SJA). STEP partners SJA with MATC and local companies such as Pieper Electric who provide students with training opportunities in a selected trade.

SJA creates a dual-enrollment agreement so that students enrolled in the program attend MATC to receive the necessary credit hours for the skilled trade program of their choice. A major component of the program includes a career exploratory track for girls to be introduced to the skilled trades.


The only way to end the cycle of government violence against people of color is to take action every single day. Use your voice. Use your vote. Use your money.  #womensfundmke