We create conditions leading to equity for women and girls through changes in attitudes, behaviors, and culture.


To activate philanthropy that advances equity for women.



Greater Milwaukee is an inclusive world-class community where women and girls realize their full potential and everyone thrives.

We are the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee, a community foundation working to grow our endowment to ensure there are always resources available to strategically support initiatives to advance equity for women and girls. We are the only foundation in Milwaukee that does this. Learn about our organization’s history.

Our Guiding Principles

Inclusion: Empowerment of women.

Leadership: Develop and support women leaders.

Equity: Economic, social and political equality in all women’s lives.

Sustainability: Grow the endowment; maintain a responsible business structure that protects our assets and maximizes the use of funds.

We Believe That Women And Girls

Must: Have economic equality

Must: Be safe in their home, at work or wherever they are

Must: Hold positions of power and authority in the public and private sector

Must: Be able to control their own destiny

Why It Matters

“When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately; families are healthier, they are better fed; their income, savings, and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families, is true of communities, and eventually, of whole countries.”

Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General, United Nations