receptions, Coffees and Laundry nights

Our WF gatherings are focused on advancing equity for women, building community and making connections

Laundry Night | February 26, 2024

In February we held our second WF Laundry Night at Edith Cocktail Bar. Wow! What a beautiful space. And boy did the conversation flow. We had incredible conversations and a few eye-opening moments. If you’re passionate about advancing women’s rights, make sure to pencil in an upcoming, can’t miss night. They’re held on the last Monday of every month >>

Laundry Night | January 29, 2024

Our first WF Laundry Night was a success! We had a wonderful evening with stimulating discussions and empowering insights among our community. If you are eager to drive change for women’s equity, Join us for our one of our next WF Laundry Nights. 

A Home-Hosted Coffee Connector | January 18, 2024

Our executive director, Lisa Attonito, attended a coffee connector hosted by Rotarian Pat Algiers in her new “Live, Work, Paint” home studio in Fox Point.

Safe Space and Action | July 26, 2022

In light of the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in June, this was a chance to be together, better understand the landscape post Roe, and most importantly, to discuss what actions we can take that have impact in the moment, and for the future. A soft ask of support for the WF Flash Grant program was made, as we have a matching gift challenge generously offered by Annette Jacobson… it is a 2 for 1 match!

Special thanks to Nicole Horvath and Karen Maroda for underwriting the reception. Speakers included:  Michelle Velasquez, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and Christine Donahoe, ACLU Wisconsin.

See the recommended action of 10 things you can do.