celebration of gifts: board challenge

The board of directors donated more than $5,000 to underwrite the 2023 WF Celebration of Impact. They then challenged registrants, and the broader community, to match their collective effort by donating an additional $5,000 or more by May 31, 2023.

The Ugly Facts

  • Women have lost the right to body autonomy.
  • Women were disproportionately and negatively impacted by the global health pandemic. As a result of COVID-19, women have reduced economic opportunities and have been pushed into poverty at higher rates than men. They have decreased access to health/wellness care and increased incidence of sexual exploitation, and gender-based violence.
  • Women are still woefully underrepresented as elected officials at every level of government.

The Cheerful Facts

  • The power of philanthropy can create the change we all want now.
  • Women’s Funds move money nine times faster than traditional philanthropic organizations.
  • Every gift is valued.

Possible Pathways to $5,000 and more… #23andYOU

  • One person could give $5,000.
  • At least 23 people could each make a gift of $230.
  • 100+ people could make gifts of $50.
  • At least 12 people could give $23 per month for the next 12 months.

We raised $7,839!

Please join us in thanking the individuals and organizations below for their generosity in helping to advance the Women’s Fund mission.

Celebration of Gifts

Alejandra Anastas

Janette Braverman

Lisa Breitsprecker

Beth Daniel

Heidi Dressler

Michelle Ebben

Lynette A. Elliott

Justin Fermenich

Chrissy Ficks

Neille Hoffman

Girls Rock Milwaukee

Annette Jacobson

Dolly Grimes-Johnson

Katie Klein

Chrissy Kruger-Gruendyke
Bridget Maniaci

Karen Maroda

Carrie Mihal

Brittani Miller

Heather Nelson

Dena Nord

Jane Peavler

Julie Ragland

Victoria Ronn

Ruth Russell

Annemarie Sawkins

Keri Schroeder

Jenny Steffens

Kosana Stojcevic

Janet Tallberg

Suzie Van Cleave

Marian Vieux

Beth L. Weckmueller

Kelly Wesolowski

Debra H. Zarne


WF Board of Directors

Kate Brejcha

Sandy Cunningham

Danila Danesi

Chris Grota

Cherie Harris

Ashton Henry

Nicole Horvath

Melissa McCord

Arlisia McHenry

Amy Muehlbauer

Beth Odian

Nancy Peterson

Chandra Rodgers

Erika Sander

Kathy Schill

Monica Shah-Davidson

Alexandria Staubach

Starla Thompson

Uma Vandegrift

Marilka Vélez