Change Makers

April 9, 2024


One could say, the women’s movement has been underway for generations and centuries. With that in mind, the fastest way to make change is by changing ourselves… we must shift our perspectives and imagine the possibilities, then with our new selves, we can challenge the status quo, hold others accountable, work to address the systemic barriers. So there is the rhetorical question: What are you doing to support the change we all want now? 

The things we do can be small and incremental. They can impact protocols and inspire new ways to approach procedures. They can be among friends or neighbors. No matter, they all start with conversation… so please engage. Ask about the way people feel, the way they see the future and the opportunities for Gen Z. Talk about your lived experiences, your ideas and the community you want to live in. 

Work to protect what we have and challenge the systems that need to be more inclusive. Remember, we are the movement… you know, like a (r)evolution. 




Lisa Attonito, executive director

November 28, 2023

Stay Focused

In the season of holidays and festivities it is easy to get distracted and for priorities to get shuffled. Yet, this is also the time of year we can imagine the possiblities and take action to create the future we all want now. 

At our annual Women’s Fund Presents event, we heard from Suzanne Wertheim, PhD. In her keynote address about inclusive language, Suzanne talked about the evolution of lanugage, the value of understanding the “why,” and encouraged practice so that we are communicating more respectfully. Suzanne made it interesting like when she explained that in the 13th century, the word “gyrle” was used to describe “young person” without reference to gender. She made it funny when highlighting examples that demonstrate “you guys” is not inclusive or non-gendered. She also inspired, helping to show how we can participate in fostering gender equity in our everyday lives by using more inclusive language practices. 

We are planning a WF Community Book Read of The Inclusive Language Field Guide that Suzanne wrote so stay tuned. In the meantime, consider these actions, which is an abbreviated list of suggestions…

~ Display your pronouns in virutual meetings and via your email signature.
~ Check your unconscious demotions.
~ Diversify your media consumption.
~ Switch words to gender-neutral equivalents.
~ Be prepared to make mistakes and hold others accountable.

We are the women’s movmement locally… remember to make a gift, show up, and be the ripple that is needed to shift attitudes and behavior in Greater Milwaukee. 




Lisa Attonito, executive director

December 13, 2022

Reflection and Action

With just 2% of all charitable gifts directly supporting women and girls, we each have to reflect on our own philanthropy. One could say, it doesn’t matter and that can’t really be true because so many NFP organizations serve everyone. Yet, it does matter. It matters because it demonstrates our value of women and girls. It matters because money has power. It matters because whoever holds the power, decides. It matters because too often women and girls are negatively impacted by societal issues. It matters because women and girls make up more than 50% of our population. It matters!

At this special time of year: with holidays, the longest night, and the calendar getting ready to turn please reflect and take action. Make decisions about your philanthropy using a lens that benefits women and girls. Then, embrace being a feminist and advocate to ensure equity for women (and gender-expansive people or any marginalized woman.)

Join the movement… make a gift, show up, and be the ripple that is needed to shift attitudes and behavior in greater Milwaukee so women and girls reach their full potential and everyone thrives.




Lisa Attonito, executive director

PS: Remember social change (shifting attitudes, behavior, and culture) takes commitment, time, and money.