in our community

October 7, 2023

Collective Effervescence!

During our the work associated with our WF Brand Relaunch, we heard from a range of people: Founding Mothers, Board Directors both former and current, donors of every kind, and from some people that aren’t very familiar with our work too. Three things we heard that will continue to inform us: the Women’s Fund has an important voice that the community wants and heeds, engagement often starts with event attendance, and that our work is part of the women’s movement so, it.feels.personal.

In just a few weeks, we have our largest educational program of the year, our annual Women’s Fund Presents event. With the theme of Inclusive Language, Navigate with Confidence, this is a perfect opportunity to be part of the movement…please join us. 

Also, in September, we launched a new donor recognition program: WF Power Illuminators. While every gift is valuable, this is an opportunity to celebrate the specialness of gifts of at least $1,000 annually. You are invited to make or enhance a gift…and if you do, we will read your name during the WF Presents event too.  

Remember, YOU are the movement. We look forward to being together. 




Lisa Attonito, executive director

August 31, 2023

WF Brand Relaunch… Power Illuminated!

With incredible resolve to mobilize an interconnected community, we share our new look!  We are celebrating our commitment of shifting attitudes, behavior, and culture so that current societal norms about women and gender expansive-people are disrupted and systemic barriers are eliminated. Through the power of collective philanthropy, we use each gift to unite people, shape community consciousness, and promote solutions that create gender equity.

For nearly 40 years, we’ve been dedicated to advancing gender equity by empowering women from all backgrounds. Our commitment goes beyond advocacy; it’s about directing resources where they have lasting impact. Intersectional feminism is at the heart of our approach, recognizing that true progress requires addressing the diverse challenges faced by women, girls, and gender-expansive people.

As I have said before, the crisis for women is real and evolving. This underscores our determination to address the inequities and eliminate barriers which are at the forefront of our mission. YOU are the movement and we look forward to being together. 




Lisa Attonito, executive director

August 10, 2023

HER Scholars Need You, Now!

One of the most inspiring components of our mission work is providing scholarships to women who are pursuing their first college degrees. These women are 35 years or older, have full lives, and complex responsibilities that often include children, aging parents, full time employment, personal struggles to overcome generational poverty and trauma…all while carrying at least 9 credits and often more like 12 or 15 per semester. The ambition is admirable, the determination impressive. 

Today, we ask for your most generous support of the HER Scholarship Program. Our goal is secure $8,042 (in either cash or pledges for 2023) ASAP. Every gift, no matter the amount, is valued.

We know you will respond…because you understand the power of collective philanthropy. And if you have already made a gift, please consider another one for this initiative. Each of your gifts ensures our 13 applicants are awarded scholarships for the academic year starting in September. 

There are so many ways to make your gift…online, a check via USPS, an allocation of your United Way Campaign gift, transfer of stock, distribution from your Donor Advised Fund, or even your IRA. After you make your gift, please mark your calendar for the HER Scholarship Reception, Thursday, August 17 from 5:30 – 7 PM.  

So far this year, we have held educational events that deepen our understanding of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, explored the pathways to elected office, learned about women in history through voices of women today, funded advocacy locally and nationally, made several Flash Grants (even one supporting vasectomies,) celebrated our collective impact, heard from Grant Partners and continue to amplify our efforts.  

The crisis for women is real and evolving. Our determination to address the inequities and eliminate barriers is at the forefront of our mission. And as I have said before, a democracy is our way to make change. It is messy and takes vigilance. We all have to be included. We all have to be respected. We all have to stay engaged. Please, read on…YOU are the movement and we look forward to being




Lisa Attonito, executive director

P.S. Happy to meet with you, you are welcome at the WF Sunny Table!

March 8, 2023

International Women’s Day

By now, you likely know March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD.) We hope you are celebrating the day, and enhancing your understanding as to why it exists.

It feels like a celebration of the achievements and contributions made by women. Yet, IWD is grounded in the labor movement and historically focused on addressing the inequities women experience in the workplace. It is important that we focus on shifting attitudes, behavior and culture about women, in all aspects of life… pay and work inequities, as well as ensuring personal safety and body autonomy, so we can realize our full potential and everyone thrives.

Take action! Continue to be curious about the possibilities for the women in our community… ALL women. Let’s create the future we all want now… today!  #EmbraceEquity

As I have shared, we have so many ways to engage… join the local women’s movement of advancing equity for women in our community. We need your engagement; everyone can and must do something. Thank you!




Lisa Attonito, executive director

May 14, 2022

Be in Community… You’re Invited

Sometimes we want to treat ourselves to the theater. Sometimes we’d like to discuss an important book or talk about how we are feeling about the news and world events.  Sometimes we just want to be… be in community with others, people who value and celebrate women. So attend and participate… we have several ways for you to engage yet in May, and June too. 




Lisa Attonito, executive director

PS:  We support precedent. We acknowledge that the ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court expected in June has a broad and cascading impact. We recognize feminism has historically, and repeatedly, abandoned many marginalized groups… we are working to disrupt that pattern.