March 1, 2024

March… National Women’s History Month

If only a month could change the status quo, bring.it.on! These are nice to have… a month to focus on something, to learn about people and situations that may have been left out of our formal education. A chance to celebrate achievements and contributions that are wonderful on every level.

Though really we need to use these celebratory months as inspiration. A time to explore and deepen our understanding of perspectives and lived experiences that may be different then our own. So during this month let’s use our growth mind set to imagine the possibilities for women… in history, in the present day, and into the future too. 

What does equity look and feel like? What stories of women should we be reading about in history books written and published in 2024? With an all-women city council in Saint Paul, Minnesota, as an example, how does the gender lens impact the goals and work of elected officials? Let’s use this month to explore these questions and more.

In honor of National Women’s History Month we’ve created a few opportunities to be in community. Please join in… YOU are the movement.  

With respect,



Lisa Attonito, executive director

October 11, 2023


The Women & Girls Index shows that nearly 50,000 organizations in the U.S. are dedicated to women and girls, yet consistently receive just 2% of all charitable giving, according to research by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute (WPI).

To respond to this lack of funding, WPI established partners and launched Give to Women and Girls Day, a national awareness campaign to increase funding for women’s and girls’ organizations that culminates today, October 11, 2023. We are asking you to help call attention to the gap in philanthropic support for women and girls — using this moment to galvanize awareness and generate funding. 

Actionables, an abbreviated list of suggestions… 

  • Check your social media and engage.
  • Be intentional with your United Way gift.
  • Talk with people in your network about this data.
  • Visit the Women’s Philanthropy Institute website to learn more.
  • Make a gift to the Women’s Fund. Perhaps as an Everyday Philanthropist or WF Power Illuminator. 

Remember, YOU are the movement!




Lisa Attonito, executive director

November 21, 2022

Feminism… A Way to Live

I’ve said this before… we all need to be feminists! I know there may be hesitation to doing just that, and I acknowledge that it can be especially difficult in our professional and public lives. However, being a feminist is advocating and supporting equity for women (and gender-expansive people or any marginalized woman.)

During our annual Women’s Fund Presents event, Marina Franklin talked about her journey to recognizing that she is a feminist. She talked about reflecting on the work she has done to become an established comedian: overcoming inequities, handling situations where her personal safety was threatened, challenging the norms of the business, paving the way and supporting other women in comedy, giving others voice via her Friends Like Us podcast, and so much more. She had done the work of a feminist and is just recently starting to claim that concept as one that describes her. Maybe the same is true for you.

In the season of holidays, perhaps you’ll share your thoughts and explore what it means to be a feminist for the people in your life. Are they working towards reclaiming feminism for themselves? Are they challenging the norms in the name of feminism? Let’s hope so, because the power of a collective belief can make the change we all want now… equity, so women and girls reach their full potential and everyone in thrives.

Join the movement… make a gift, show up, and be the ripple that is needed to shift attitudes and behavior in Greater Milwaukee.




Lisa Attonito, executive director

September 14, 2022

A Critical Time

It seems every week brings more challenges for women (and gender-expansive people too) therefore, we all have to be feminists, right? Perhaps you hesitate to call yourself a feminist; this can be especially difficult in our professional and public lives. In this light, we invite you to explore what feminism means today.

We have book discussions, and our annual Women’s Fund Presents event on the calendar… join us for one, or all three. Whichever you choose, you are sure to have new perspective as a result. We look forward to seeing you!




Lisa Attonito, executive director

August 5, 2022

Annual Event… New Time/Format

We are announcing the special guest of our annual Women’s Fund Presents event… along with a new time and a new format too. We have an open call for sponsors.

The theme is The F Word: Reclaiming Feminism.

As we all know, feminism is nothing new — women have been fighting for equity and equality for centuries. In the 21st century, we must evolve to be more intersectional. We have to better understand one another and appreciate that people’s identities overlap. Historically, feminism has been known to exclude some, ignore others, and even narrow its focus on breaking the glass ceiling, equal pay, and legal rights. While these are important issues that need resolution, many women struggle to be seen and acknowledged due to the systemic hardships that impact them daily.

Feminism today illuminates the connectivity among people and the collective effort for equity. It shows us that equity means challenging gender injustices, eliminating gender oppression, and solving the overlapping forms of discrimination. Equity also means engaging more women, including gender-expansive people, and bringing men along on the journey.

We stand in solidarity while creating the future we all want — now.

The F Word: Reclaiming Feminism is an event that shines a light on the complexities of feminism while creating room for conversation – and even a little laughter. It is an opportunity to reflect on who we are as feminists and talk about how we can further gender parity to make feminism more inclusive in greater Milwaukee. Please join us!




Lisa Attonito, executive director