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LANGUAGE HAS TWO KEY COMPONENTS: the ability to speak and be understood, and the ability to listen and understand. Language is used in
every aspect of our lives, reflecting our personal values and beliefs. It has a
profound impact on the way we perceive ourselves and others, influencing our
mood and mindset. It also shapes our cultural identities and social realities.

Today, the need for a conscious change or awareness of how words are
used has become ever more urgent – for inclusivity in communication and to
support gender equality. A keynote presentation by Suzanne Wertheim, PhD.
includes insights and strategies for using inclusive language effectively. The
essence of her message highlights the ways in which language can be used
to empower women and create positive change in our communities.

No matter your position, role, or identity, this event is for you. You’ll have the
opportunity to be with people who value and appreciate women and gender-expansive people, engage in thought-provoking discussion, and walk away
with practical tips for promoting inclusive language in your own life and work.


Dr. Suzanne Wertheim is a national expert on inclusive language and
the author of The Inclusive Language Field Guide (2023). After getting
her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Berkeley, she held faculty positions at
Northwestern, University of Maryland, and UCLA. In 2011, she left the
university system in order to apply her expertise to real-world problems.

Dr. Wertheim has been an invited speaker around the US and in Europe,
presenting research on language and bias, language and gender, and
anthropology and artificial intelligence. She has done fieldwork with
speakers as diverse as Tatar nationalists in the former Soviet Union, Native
Americans in central California, comedians in Los Angeles, and female
engineers of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

As head of Worthwhile Research & Consulting, Dr. Wertheim now
specializes in analyzing and addressing bias at work. Her clients have
included tech giants such as Google and Reddit, financial companies
such as Charles Schwab, and national news organizations such as News
Nation. In addition to her keynote speaking on inclusive language and
culture, Dr. Wertheim creates customized training for clients based on her
original research. She also leads both short-term and long-term consulting

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Kathleen was a non-traditional college student, graduating at the age of 39. Her sole purpose was to obtain a college degree to demonstrate to her daughters that college was attainable. She had read a statistic stating that children were more likely to attend and graduate from college if one or both parents had done so. In Kathleen’s family, there was no one who had graduated from college, and neither she nor the children’s father had achieved this milestone.

Ten years post-graduation, Kathleen is now a regional support manager for GO Riteway. She worked as a school bus driver for GO Riteway while attending school, and after graduating with a degree in philosophy, she received multiple opportunities to advance.

Kathleen takes pride in the fact that all her daughters attended college. One graduated in 2015, the youngest is set to graduate in 2024, and the other is working on a degree in education while working at Muskego High School as a special needs assistant.

During her college journey, Kathleen received encouragement and assistance from college professors and Rochelle Bast, co-owner of GO Riteway. She also received much-needed financial support from the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee and the HER Scholarship Program. The HER Scholarship Program, in particular, played a crucial role in her final semester. Today, Kathleen is an active member of the HER Scholarship Committee, where she helps select future HER Scholars.

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HER scholar


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