Milwaukee Community Journal – Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee Announces GrantsThe Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee announced its Grant Partners for 2021. Nine organizations have been awarded grants totaling $111,000 for work that is advancing equity for women in our community.

“When just 1.6% of all of philanthropy in America goes toward nonprofits helping women and girls, our commitment to exclusively addressing issues and barriers that impact women, is critical.” says Marilka Vélez, Board Chair of the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee. Vélez adds, “There are lots of ways for women to be philanthropic, however, often that money is invested generically to address a whole range of issues/needs. We focus exclusively on issues impacting women and girls; this is especially important in the Milwaukee where there are significant gender, racial, and ethnic, disparities. We leverage resources, inspire hope, and enhance lives. We are grateful to the community for the support and confidence that we can create change for the betterment of all our citizenry.”

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