Title IX is a federal law passed in 1972 that seeks to provide equal opportunities for women and girls in any academic setting that receives federal funding. The law turns 45 this year, and it’s most visible and associated work has been in intercollegiate sports, where colleges and universities were required to bring women’s sports and sports scholarships into line with those offered to men.

Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee executive director Lisa Attonito says that Title IX’s mission, and its impact, go much further. “There’s always some talk around, ‘Why is this girl focused or women focused?’ Well, Title IX doesn’t only apply to the female person. It’s really to create equity for all people in relation to educational funding and entities,” she explains.

In fact, athletics is only one of ten areas addressed by the law. According to Attonito, Title IX also impacts access to higher education, fair treatment for pregnant and parenting students, employment, bullying and sexual harassment, and even standardized testing.

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