Economic empowerment for women through education.

This scholarship program is for women over the age of 35 seeking to complete degree programs at Milwaukee area colleges and universities. Scholarships provide women needed resources and boost confidence in their ability to attain their goals.

The program was established within the Women’s Fund more than 15 years ago with the realization that women above the age of 35 benefit greatly from higher education. With higher education, women typically earn higher wages and are able to permanently increase their economic well-being and their capacity to provide for their families. Children of college-educated mothers also fare much better in terms of educational attainment. Helping a woman to support her family potentially lifts an entire family system into a higher economic and social status.

Women students over the age of 35 are likely to face three significant barriers to entering and completing higher education: low income, full-time employment and responsibility for raising children. In recent years the graduation rate for scholarship recipients has been 100.

Teri Sullivan, Chair

Sue Hickey

Missy Levit

Holly Ryan

Ann Stoddard

Jerri Washington