Women’s Funding Network Members, including the WFGM, make a Statement of Solidarity and Condemnation

The only way to end the cycle of government violence against people of color is to take action every single day. Use your voice. Use your vote. Use your money.  #womensfundmke

In celebration of former WF Board Director and long-time supporter, Missy Levit’s 75th birthday, she has announced a $2,500 challenge grant! Missy will proudly match all gifts made to the Women’s Fund in support of HER Scholarship program for the entire month of July.


Please honor Missy and join her in support of HER Scholars. This is a fantastic opportunity to double your support.

About the HER Scholarship Program

This program provides women with the opportunity to permanently increase their economic well-being and their capacity to provide for their families. Children of college-educated mothers also fare much better in terms of educational attainment, health outcomes, and economic potential. Helping a woman supports generations, lifting entire family systems into a higher economic and social status.

Learn more -or- view the HER Scholars recipients 2018